Luxury Pedicure Chairs for Your Nail Salon & Spa (2022)

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Extravagance pedicure chairs will improve your client’s spa experience past the expert consideration and spoiling of the actual pedicure. The truth is that it doesn’t make any difference how great the remainder of your gear and extras are assuming your client is awkward. Likewise significant is your specialist’s agreeableness to guarantee they are situated (in a real sense) to take care of their best responsibilities.

Pedicures positioned in the main 3 most normal administrations presented at nail salons in the US in 2019 at 83% with Americans spending on normal $48.54 in the seat during that very year. We are specialists in assisting spa and salon proprietors with choosing the right extravagance pedicure seats and assistants to improve your business.

Picking the right extravagance pedicure seat for your spa or salon is the initial step to ensuring you give your clients the loosening-up experience they are searching for.

We’re here to help.

Benefits You’ll Love

Current and rich
The strength you can depend on because of an exquisite tempered steel base
Sterile climate for clients and specialists because of an inherent ANS Liner Stream eliminates upkeep
Wonderful PU Calfskin Shiatsu rub seat choices are synthetic and stain safe
Free matching pedicure stool
In the event that complexity and capability are what you need, the ANS Pedicure Seat, ARGENTO SE offers both. With a gorgeously outlined tempered steel and fiberglass base and a precious stone glass sink-foot bowl, your seat will be the highlighted work of art in your nail salon or day spa! This delightful yet sturdy seat is dazzling and present-day.

The pedicure spa incorporates a flexible footstool, cleaned chrome equipment, tempered steel shower hose, worked-in Drove variety treatment light, and free matching stool. A CH3)2CO safe defensive gel-covering watches the spa and sink from rust and erosion. The amazing ¾-inch thick glass bowls come in champagne, gold, gem, or nickel.

Something beyond marvelous, this seat is UL-confirmed for wellbeing. The ARGENTO SE is outfitted with the ANS Liner Stream so you can utilize dispensable liners. The ANS Liner Stream is harm-safe and requires no pipes. You’ll find it easy to utilize and clean so you can get to your next client more securely and quickly.

Assuming you might want to get rid of in the middle between pedicures, you can buy an extra wet end.

Dissimilar to many seats, everything is pre-introduced with fundamental pipes and line fittings. Just attach the ANS Pedicure Seat, ARGENTO SE, and associate it with your water supply.


What is a pedicure chair?

A Pedicure Chairs is a kind of seating with a joined splashing bowl (or bowl) found in nail salons and spas intended to empower a professional to securely and serenely perform foot and nail care for a client, including foot shedding, hydration, and back rub, as well as the molding and treating of toenails.

How do I choose a luxury pedicure chair?

While picking an extravagance Pedicure Chairs, you ought to initially recognize the picture and style you desire to introduce inside your salon or spa while likewise thinking about a seat that offers great craftsmanship that will endure, solace to both expert and client, helpful and fun highlights and frill, and protected and sterile pipes at an expense you can bear.

What is involved in a luxury pedicure?

An extravagance pedicure regularly runs somewhere in the range of 30 and an hour and a half and includes:

An entire foot treatment (rub, mellowed paraffin wax, and warmed towels to warm and relieve the feet and relax and hydrate the nails)
Lower leg and foot shedding
Nail and fingernail skin preparing
The decision of conventional or gel nail clean

Why Invest in a Luxury Pedicure Chair?

While magnificence is frequently respected and appreciated for what it resembles outwardly, the excellent mechanics behind your pedicure seat and the additional highlights and frill your clients will cherish matters while deciding to put resources into a quality, extravagance pedicure seat solid for five to seven years (normal seats simply last three to four), saving you a chunk of change.